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Natalie Wilson!!**
LoVe QuOTeS!<3*
FrIeNdShiP QUoTeS!!*
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About Me:)**
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Me Myself And I******

Hey! Im natalie wilson. I am 14 years old and im a freshman at Eaton High School. I play volleyball and softball. I love to party and hang out w/ my friends. I have blonde hair and blue\green eyes, and im about 5'6''.

I was born in Dayton, Oh. I recently moved to eaton about 2 years ago, and i love it here! I live in a big, old house in Camden, about 15 mins from town. I have about 10 cats, and I used to have 2 dogs. Sadie and Nella.


My favorite sport in the whole world!!!

Volleyball is my favorite sport...i have been playing it ever since i can remember bc my parents play it too! one day i hope to go to the and my friend megan are the next misty may and Kerri Walsh!! lol :) I just recently made JR Varsity! im SoOo excited!!


Notebook, Save the Last Dance, Napoleon Dynamite, Dodgeball, White Chicks, Thirteen, You Got Served, Big Daddy, A Walk to Remember, Speed, Con Air!

Greenday, the click 5, switchfoot, creed, KC & Jojo, alan jackson, kieth urban, natalie, 3 doors down, pretty ricky, missy elliott, simple plan, ying yang twins, nelly, usher, ciara, brooke valentine, tim mcgraw, Frankie J! I can listen to mostly anything!

CoLoR!- Pink!*
perfume-lilu from pacsun\amber romance from Victoria Secret
Shampoo!-Herbal Essences
Song-How to Deal-Frankie J
Game-Truth or Dare
Place-Washington DC
Car-kelly green convertable GT mustang
Drink-Rasberry Lemonade!
Basketball team-KY wildcats
Football team-Ohio State
Baseball Team-Reds\hate the yankees!
Volleyball player-Kerri Walsh
My Goals~**
I plan to finish high school and go onto college. I want to go to either KY, Washington, or Miami, and i want to become a nurse!!