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Heres to my friends!!

Hey babe! well i think everyone know's what i have to say...oh well. I dont know what i would do w/ out u girl! your my best friend as well as my sister, and u always find a way to pull me through everything! Your there in the good and bad times! and i love you SOOO much! Thanks for always being there! ((BrOtHeR!!))

Hey girl! Well u know i love you! you are a really good friend and SOO fun to hang out w/! Dc was awsome and fair was fun too! 8th grade was full of drama, but we made it throgh! lol well thanx girl for always being there! i love ya!    **Ichard**

i love you!

Hey girl! Well there has been soo much drama this year, but whats high school w/ out it!! lol all the partys at manons,(and max's lol) and hangin out w/ our friends! You are such a fun person to hang out w/! and i know band wouldnt be the same w/out u! I love ya girl!!! Dont forget our graduation song!!

Hey girly! Well im soo glad we became friends. You a great person to hang out w/ and talk to! Max's party was FULL of suprises!! lol and i loved going to your house for swimming and sleepovers and stuff!!! It was soo much fun! Im SoOo happy ur finally home!! we had so much fun that night! w/ jake and josh and the girls!! lol... I love ya girl! thanx for all the good times!**

Hey babe! Well this year w/ u and Drew has been very interesting! But u made it through and im soo proud of u! U are a really good listener and i can tell you anything! Thanks for always being there!

MeGaN!! aka-misty!!
Hey girly! This year has been so much fun!! Volleyball wouldnt be the same w/ out you! Ohio State was a blast! expecally in the room! lol talkin bout *people and things*! and the trip home singin w/ your dad! omg hilarious! do u remember our counting game during volleyball season?! haha lol. well im glad to have so many memories!* i love ya girl, and remember--althletes dont sit...

Hey babe! You are soo hilarous and the funnest person to be w/. U also give really good advice! Thanks for standin by me during school, and being such a good friend. Do u remember when u fell over that rail and slid into the gravel? lol i do! u will have that scar to remember it forever too! Your also the clumsiest girl ive ever met, but i still love ya! Good luck w/ all of those "guys" that u seem to like! lol j/k I love ya girl! Dont forget our graduation song!!!

Hey! well i just want you to know that your a great friend and and a fun person to hang out w/! Thanks for being there through the whole "Brad" thing! and thank you for the CD! Love ya!

Allie Kay!!!
hey babe! i told you i would put you on here! lol well u got to check your site soon bc i put something on it!! well i love you girl!


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